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The Ultimate Heal Heals Everything! CHAPTER LIST
  • The Ultimate Heal Heals Everything!

    Alternative : Kiwameta Hiiru ga Subete wo Iyasu! ~Mura de Muyou ni Natta Boku ha, Hirotta Gomi wo Geki Rea Aitemu ni Shuuzenshite Noriagaru~ ; How the useless me redeemed himself by picking up and fixing pieces of junk into ultra-rare items after I left the village! ; 極めたヒールがすべてを癒す!~村で無用になった僕は、拾ったゴミを激レアアイテムに修繕して成り上がる!~

  • Author(s) : Fuji Nanarou, Tachibana Natsuka
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Nov-30-2022 05:11:10 AM
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  • Genres : Comedy, Fantasy, Shounen, Slice of life
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The Ultimate Heal Heals Everything! summary:

Due to a certain trauma, the young Lars who lost his family started practicing the use of the recovery magic "Heal" in earnest. Even after 10 years, though, his Heal is considered but a basic spell and the townsfolk see him as a burden for the village. And so, he finally resolves to leave. But wait, his Heal has more than meets the eye...? By meeting Rino, a young girl living in the new land he finds himself into, and healing her, the life of the "good-for-nothing of the village" takes a drastic turn! The kind-hearted Lars embarks on a journey, the tale of his healing and redemption! Web novel (jp):
Chapter name View Time uploaded
Chapter 24: Grand Opening184,306November 2022
Chapter 23: The Shop's Name14,087November 2022
Chapter 22: A New Companion458,429November 2022
Chapter 20: Our Castle305,667November 2022
Chapter 18: Rino And Minya482,626November 2022
Chapter 17: The Heal's Laws64,674November 2022
Chapter 16: Minya's Objective779,151November 2022
Chapter 15: Investigation818,323November 2022
Chapter 14: Lars' Goal555,439November 2022
Chapter 13: The First Deal311,835November 2022
Chapter 10: Hostage Exchange799,976November 2022
Chapter 7: The First Dungeon758,801November 2022
Chapter 4: Minya839,082November 2022
Chapter 3: Rino's Request485,538November 2022
Chapter 1: A Fortunate Heal919,317November 2022

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