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Angelica: My Wife Has Changed CHAPTER LIST
  • Angelica: My Wife Has Changed

    Alternative : Angelica: My Wife Has Changed / My Wife Has Changed! / 안젤리카 : 우리 아내가 달라졌어요 / 우리 아내가 달라졌어요 / 우리 아내가 달라졌어요!

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  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Oct-19-2023 23:10:12 PM
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Angelica: My Wife Has Changed summary:

Read manhwa Angelica: My wife has changed"Anglica, I can't marry anyone but you." After a long unrequited love, Angelica married Dominic, but he always seemed indifferent and cold. After an uncle's betrayal, mountains of debt, a disowned family and her own suicide because she couldn't take it anymore, suddenly, Dominic appears before her, obsessed and heated. "I don't love you anymore, Dominic." "I love you, Angelica. I will never let you down."
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Chapter 13179,200October 2023
Chapter 12819,300October 2023
Chapter 11794,038October 2023
Chapter 10163,954October 2023
Chapter 9202,687October 2023
Chapter 8403,082October 2023
Chapter 7528,319October 2023
Chapter 671,466October 2023
Chapter 5883,344October 2023
Chapter 484,015October 2023
Chapter 3401,693October 2023
Chapter 2592,109October 2023
Chapter 113,247October 2023

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