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Ao Ashi summary:

Seinen sports series, serialized on Big Comic Spirits. Nominated for the 2017 Manga Taisho Award.
Maybe coming in the next issue
Ao Ashi Chapter 333
Ao Ashi Chapter 334
Chapter name View Time uploaded
Chapter 326651,757Yesterday
Chapter 324749,574Yesterday
Chapter 322647,373Yesterday
Chapter 320: Crossroad247,769Yesterday
Chapter 318808,807Yesterday
Chapter 317: Chino282,479Yesterday
Chapter 315: Present225,581Yesterday
Chapter 313: Clueless644,562Yesterday
Chapter 306508,055Yesterday
Vol.30 Chapter 302888,076Yesterday
Chapter 298977,300Yesterday
Chapter 297266,496Yesterday
Chapter 296353,716Yesterday
Chapter 295505,003Yesterday
Chapter 294162,961Yesterday
Chapter 293918,036Yesterday
Chapter 292890,016Yesterday
Chapter 290: Ch.290369,029Yesterday
Chapter 289937,727Yesterday
Chapter 288: 40'④847,587Yesterday
Chapter 287: 40'③957,875Yesterday
Chapter 286: 40'②716,136Yesterday
Chapter 285: 40'①589,244Yesterday
Chapter 284: Reception590,313Yesterday
Chapter 281: Garulla208,480Yesterday
Chapter 278: Those Boots658,929Yesterday
Chapter 275: Crow Talk514,200Yesterday
Chapter 268: N-Box710,895Yesterday
Chapter 264: In My Hands472,819Yesterday
Chapter 261: I Am145,060Yesterday
Chapter 260221,991Yesterday
Chapter 259548,930Yesterday
Chapter 258305,849Yesterday
Chapter 257352,836Yesterday
Chapter 256703,594Yesterday
Chapter 255615,416Yesterday
Chapter 254183,479Yesterday
Chapter 253161,669Yesterday
Chapter 252454,325Yesterday
Chapter 251743,047Yesterday
Chapter 250390,879Yesterday
Chapter 249803,113Yesterday
Vol.20 Chapter 205: Road109,171Yesterday
Vol.14 Chapter 142: Rope553,300Yesterday
Vol.13 Chapter 133: L177,986Yesterday
Chapter 121: Baptism324,512Yesterday
Chapter 120: Osim Style268,786Yesterday
Vol.12 Chapter 117: Rain734,735Yesterday
Vol.8 Chapter 80: Choice786,716Yesterday
Vol.8 Chapter 76: Happy502,749Yesterday
Vol.7 Chapter 72: Ant778,958Yesterday
Vol.7 Chapter 71: Neck517,739Yesterday
Vol.7 Chapter 69: Aware757,336Yesterday
Vol.7 Chapter 62: Piece463,865Yesterday
Chapter 61: Change14,047Yesterday
Chapter 51: 3378,066Yesterday
Chapter 50: Eye To Eye485,189Yesterday
Vol.5 Chapter 42: A (3)518,809Yesterday
Vol.5 Chapter 41: A (2)328,107Yesterday
Vol.5 Chapter 40: A (1)366,439Yesterday
Vol.4 Chapter 34600,679Yesterday
Vol.4 Chapter 31: Taunt120,906Yesterday
Vol.4 Chapter 30: Walk652,769Yesterday
Vol.2 Chapter 16: Crow792,311Yesterday
Chapter 14: Cold Eyes218,316Yesterday
Vol.2 Chapter 11: Akutsu465,492Yesterday
Vol.1 Chapter 5: Flash743,830Yesterday

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