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Chasing The Wave CHAPTER LIST
  • Chasing The Wave

    Alternative : 逐浪 ; Chasing Tides

  • Author(s) : Yu Cheng
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Apr-21-2023 13:04:13 PM
  • TransGroup :
  • TransGroup :
  • Genres : Comedy, Romance
  • TransGroup :

Chasing The Wave summary:

A mature and reliable Leader x A pure and frivolous Bubbly guySui Yi claims that Ning Lan hasn't spoken a word in truth, and later discovers that even his "I don't like you" was a lie. He was crazy to consider this person as kind solely based on his pure and naive smile. His clear eyes were just like those of that person's...
Chapter name View Time uploaded
Chapter 13750,662last month
Chapter 12.5: Special243,491last month
Chapter 12412,730last month
Chapter 1125,486last month
Chapter 10193,239last month
Chapter 9516,959last month
Chapter 8871,871last month
Chapter 7848,627last month
Chapter 683,750last month
Chapter 5.5219,861last month
Chapter 5441,695last month
Chapter 4692,523last month
Chapter 3106,977last month
Chapter 2362,232last month
Chapter 12,510last month
Chapter 0: Prologue456,777last month

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