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  • Cloud Walker

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  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Feb-22-2024 06:02:46 AM
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  • Genres : Action, Adventure, Shounen
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Cloud Walker summary:

Arais: demons that prey on weak-minded humans, plunging their victims into despair and taking control. A selected few of humans who possess supernatural abilities, under the organization of Cloud Walker, are the only ones who can deal with them. Through an unfortunate encounter with an Arai, Kai Wattana is forced to make a deal with one of these demon himself... or is it the other way around?
Maybe coming in the next issue
Cloud Walker Chapter 90
Cloud Walker Chapter 91
Chapter name View Time uploaded
Chapter 89694,565Yesterday
Chapter 88826,090Yesterday
Chapter 87412,040Yesterday
Chapter 86793,924Yesterday
Chapter 85687,577Yesterday
Chapter 84656,195Yesterday
Chapter 83855,229Yesterday
Chapter 82132,068Yesterday
Chapter 81755,737Yesterday
Chapter 80352,876Yesterday
Chapter 79478,486Yesterday
Chapter 7818,930Yesterday
Chapter 77758,442Yesterday
Chapter 7643,171Yesterday
Chapter 75205,783Yesterday
Chapter 74100,733Yesterday
Chapter 73837,769Yesterday
Chapter 72920,831Yesterday
Chapter 71837,461Yesterday
Chapter 70130,862Yesterday
Chapter 69374,311Yesterday
Chapter 68672,563Yesterday
Chapter 67133,373Yesterday
Chapter 66665,830Yesterday
Chapter 6595,042Yesterday
Chapter 64603,092Yesterday
Chapter 63393,582Yesterday
Chapter 6247,046Yesterday
Chapter 61799,084Yesterday
Chapter 60578,729Yesterday
Chapter 59147,335Yesterday
Chapter 58466,801Yesterday
Chapter 57743,084Yesterday
Chapter 56723,552Yesterday
Chapter 55891,814Yesterday
Chapter 54739,446Yesterday
Chapter 53487,053Yesterday
Chapter 52427,504Yesterday
Chapter 51995,022Yesterday
Chapter 50271,496Yesterday
Chapter 49533,342Yesterday
Chapter 48883,611Yesterday
Chapter 47370,279Yesterday
Chapter 46878,171Yesterday
Chapter 45136,605Yesterday
Chapter 4428,495Yesterday
Chapter 43194,186Yesterday
Chapter 42284,953Yesterday
Chapter 41102,328Yesterday
Chapter 40264,172Yesterday
Chapter 39624,707Yesterday
Chapter 38997,727Yesterday
Chapter 37178,718Yesterday
Chapter 36815,263Yesterday
Chapter 35551,867Yesterday
Chapter 34467,677Yesterday
Chapter 33482,977Yesterday
Chapter 32182,285Yesterday
Chapter 31939,286Yesterday
Chapter 30295,866Yesterday
Chapter 29416,081Yesterday
Chapter 28483,351Yesterday
Chapter 27552,548Yesterday
Chapter 26730,830Yesterday
Chapter 25893,076Yesterday
Chapter 24206,087Yesterday
Chapter 2365,749Yesterday
Chapter 22659,645Yesterday
Chapter 21526,763Yesterday
Chapter 20148,077Yesterday
Chapter 19689,070Yesterday
Chapter 18920,664Yesterday
Chapter 17740,452Yesterday
Chapter 16222,525Yesterday
Chapter 15948,410Yesterday
Chapter 14212,313Yesterday
Chapter 13931,043Yesterday
Chapter 12963,524Yesterday
Chapter 11301,983Yesterday
Chapter 10782,509Yesterday
Chapter 9672,199Yesterday
Chapter 8963,624Yesterday
Chapter 7803,884Yesterday
Chapter 6797,537Yesterday
Chapter 5871,964Yesterday
Chapter 4103,398Yesterday
Chapter 3674,888Yesterday
Chapter 2626,765Yesterday
Chapter 1386,578Yesterday

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