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Crows Like Shiny Things CHAPTER LIST
  • Crows Like Shiny Things

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  • Author(s) : Mr.c
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : May-24-2024 10:05:07 AM
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  • Genres : Manhwa
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Crows Like Shiny Things summary:

The war is over. The one who cut the neck of the Norkans’ leader, who antagonized the great empire for 37 years, was a young woman. Her name is Saharan Illoud, the leader of the 128th Knights’ Division. She was summoned by the emperor and goes to the capital, where, for the first time in her life, she meets a man who catches her eye. Crown Prince Chaisha, who is handsome to the extent that there are sparkles around him. Saharan, who is beautiful and knowledgeable but arrogant and insensitive. The fresh and heart-warming story of their lives.
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Chapter 111892,269Yesterday
Chapter 110723,241Yesterday
Chapter 109212,240Yesterday
Chapter 108110,524Yesterday
Chapter 107924,196Yesterday
Chapter 106541,563Yesterday
Chapter Ep694,874Yesterday
Chapter 105197,301Yesterday
Chapter 104323,948Yesterday
Chapter 1034,058Yesterday
Chapter 102859,234Yesterday
Chapter 101790,803Yesterday
Chapter 100947,283Yesterday
Chapter 9923,179Yesterday
Chapter 98841,322Yesterday
Chapter 9796,598Yesterday
Chapter 96423,688Yesterday
Chapter 95252,931Yesterday
Chapter 94199,702Yesterday
Chapter 93831,257Yesterday
Chapter 92338,024Yesterday
Chapter 91345,998Yesterday
Chapter 90633,217Yesterday
Chapter 89705,876Yesterday
Chapter 88658,577Yesterday
Chapter 87419,194Yesterday
Chapter 86659,213Yesterday
Chapter 85212,486Yesterday
Chapter 8417,679Yesterday
Chapter 839,740Yesterday
Chapter 82408,714Yesterday
Chapter 81670,823Yesterday
Chapter 80317,050Yesterday
Chapter 79735,591Yesterday
Chapter 78144,949Yesterday
Chapter 77953,328Yesterday
Chapter 76444,669Yesterday
Chapter 75205,619Yesterday
Chapter 74442,184Yesterday
Chapter 73493,079Yesterday
Chapter 72412,061Yesterday
Chapter 71252,306Yesterday
Chapter 70368,838Yesterday
Chapter 69321,700Yesterday
Chapter 68851,695Yesterday
Chapter 67914,437Yesterday
Chapter 66826,550Yesterday
Chapter 65753,484Yesterday
Chapter 6438,609Yesterday
Chapter 63554,443Yesterday
Chapter 62368,743Yesterday
Chapter 61933,437Yesterday
Chapter 60657,730Yesterday
Chapter 5967,608Yesterday
Chapter 5836,026Yesterday
Chapter 57781,150Yesterday
Chapter 56476,253Yesterday
Chapter 55871,874Yesterday
Chapter 54626,659Yesterday
Chapter 53910,937Yesterday
Chapter 5222,821Yesterday
Chapter 51431,957Yesterday
Chapter 5024,462Yesterday
Chapter 49736,776Yesterday
Chapter 48999,473Yesterday
Chapter 4726,801Yesterday
Chapter 46357,655Yesterday
Chapter 45460,546Yesterday
Chapter 44579,422Yesterday
Chapter 4339,194Yesterday
Chapter 42122,271Yesterday
Chapter 41412,972Yesterday
Chapter 40150,354Yesterday
Chapter 39917,031Yesterday
Chapter 38502,117Yesterday
Chapter 37152,623Yesterday
Chapter 36620,283Yesterday
Chapter 35.5502,213Yesterday
Chapter 35572,757Yesterday
Chapter 3491,406Yesterday
Chapter 3352,976Yesterday
Chapter 3213,852Yesterday
Chapter 31426,197Yesterday
Chapter 30830,237Yesterday
Chapter 29784,346Yesterday
Chapter 28394,067Yesterday
Chapter 27530,447Yesterday
Chapter 26579,210Yesterday
Chapter 25858,048Yesterday
Chapter 24808,890Yesterday
Chapter 23586,359Yesterday
Chapter 22376,964Yesterday
Chapter 21902,939Yesterday
Chapter 20856,594Yesterday
Chapter 19434,337Yesterday
Chapter 18720,119Yesterday
Chapter 17925,616Yesterday
Chapter 16610,036Yesterday
Chapter 15628,190Yesterday
Chapter 14850,943Yesterday
Chapter 13791,907Yesterday
Chapter 12325,604Yesterday
Chapter 11525,251Yesterday
Chapter 10356,696Yesterday
Chapter 9149,736Yesterday
Chapter 8738,370Yesterday
Chapter 7415,382Yesterday
Chapter 636,879Yesterday
Chapter 583,822Yesterday
Chapter 4141,221Yesterday
Chapter 3861,781Yesterday
Chapter 2314,126Yesterday
Chapter 1763,216Yesterday
Chapter 0309,696Yesterday

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