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Dear My Rude Darling With Multiple Personality CHAPTER LIST
  • Dear My Rude Darling With Multiple Personality

    Alternative : To My Rude Multi-Personality Man, 무례한 나의 다중인격자에게

  • Author(s) : Jaegyeom
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Apr-21-2024 14:04:29 PM
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  • Genres : Fantasy, Romance
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Dear My Rude Darling With Multiple Personality summary:

Read Manhwa on WARNING:, the largest English comic websites has just updated the latest chapter of manhwa "Dear My Rude Darling With Multiple Personality"Summary:Thank you for supporting subteam. Happy reading!The beautiful port city of La Spezia. After leaving an orphanage and serving as a nurse on the battlefield for three years, Monica is hired as a tutor by the wealthy Mallett family. On her first day in a strange city, Monica encounters a familiar face."I'm sorry, but I don't have that name."I think it's Sol, a soldier who took great care of her on the battlefield, but the man replies that he doesn't know her.This wasn't the man she knew, but if she meet him again, he will be the man she know. It's a pleasure. Garcia, a violent bully."I should have treated you as if you were serving a precious princess."Enrique, an arrogant noble to the core as a son of a noble family. The only thing like that is a picture-like appearance and a scar around his right eye."Sir, are you triplets?"Is he a person with multiple personalities or a liar? Will Monica be able to live safely in La Spezia?A few words to introduce about the mangabuddy website:mangabuddy is the largest English comic website at present with thousands titles of all genres: , Action, , Drama, If you are satisfied with "Dear My Rude Darling With Multiple Personality", please follow and support our website to be able to read other high-quality and early-release great comic series!Alternative Name:To My Rude Multi-Personality Man, Thank you for supporting subteam. Happy reading!
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