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Divine Urban God CHAPTER LIST
  • Divine Urban God

    Alternative : 都市极品医神 ; Urban God of Medicine ; Divine Urban God ; The Best Medical God In The City ; 都市极品医神

  • Author(s) : 阅文漫画
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Apr-11-2024 17:04:28 PM
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  • Genres : Manhua
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Divine Urban God summary:

"Five years ago, the Ye family was wiped out and the useless trash Ye Chen mysteriously disappeared. Five years later, that trash of the Ye family has returned! Back with cultivation powers that could bring down the gods and shake the earth! This time, Ye Chen will make the heavens tremble in awe! The earth will tremble in his fear! He will reign over everything and ascend to the top of the world!"
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Chapter 157457,584Yesterday
Chapter 156980,802Yesterday
Chapter 155777,124Yesterday
Chapter 154679,592Yesterday
Chapter 153586,244Yesterday
Chapter 152749,248Yesterday
Chapter 151255,268Yesterday
Chapter 150919,343Yesterday
Chapter 149576,750Yesterday
Chapter 148228,971Yesterday
Chapter 147564,250Yesterday
Chapter 146455,073Yesterday
Chapter 145465,569Yesterday
Chapter 144309,798Yesterday
Chapter 14335,029Yesterday
Chapter 142490,651Yesterday
Chapter 141172,536Yesterday
Chapter 140297,672Yesterday
Chapter 139520,961Yesterday
Chapter 138142,237Yesterday
Chapter 137508,498Yesterday
Chapter 136475,350Yesterday
Chapter 135424,068Yesterday
Chapter 134684,980Yesterday
Chapter 133921,804Yesterday
Chapter 132821,937Yesterday
Chapter 131941,380Yesterday
Chapter 130181,364Yesterday
Chapter 129169,827Yesterday
Chapter 128324,383Yesterday
Chapter 127191,100Yesterday
Chapter 126570,235Yesterday
Chapter 125772,578Yesterday
Chapter 124886,193Yesterday
Chapter 123945,949Yesterday
Chapter 122581,538Yesterday
Chapter 121693,132Yesterday
Chapter 120641,939Yesterday
Chapter 119194,175Yesterday
Chapter 118811,412Yesterday
Chapter 117389,692Yesterday
Chapter 116817,576Yesterday
Chapter 115623,974Yesterday
Chapter 114688,066Yesterday
Chapter 113928,776Yesterday
Chapter 112956,820Yesterday
Chapter 111493,342Yesterday
Chapter 110166,594Yesterday
Chapter 109310,879Yesterday
Chapter 108199,794Yesterday
Chapter 107941,587Yesterday
Chapter 106220,646Yesterday
Chapter 105465,078Yesterday
Chapter 104797,618Yesterday
Chapter 103591,746Yesterday
Chapter 102625,052Yesterday
Chapter 101710,617Yesterday
Chapter 100698,946Yesterday
Chapter 99378,558Yesterday
Chapter 98635,970Yesterday
Chapter 972,935Yesterday
Chapter 96919,946Yesterday
Chapter 95140,853Yesterday
Chapter 94835,885Yesterday
Chapter 93140,749Yesterday
Chapter 9288,653Yesterday
Chapter 91650,942Yesterday
Chapter 90397,978Yesterday
Chapter 89262,749Yesterday
Chapter 88243,021Yesterday
Chapter 87207,764Yesterday
Chapter 86334,283Yesterday
Chapter 85270,222Yesterday
Chapter 84654,924Yesterday
Chapter 83162,409Yesterday
Chapter 82465,976Yesterday
Chapter 81868,492Yesterday
Chapter 8078,986Yesterday
Chapter 79729,263Yesterday
Chapter 7875,612Yesterday
Chapter 77937,618Yesterday
Chapter 76730,658Yesterday
Chapter 75932,379Yesterday
Chapter 74501,884Yesterday
Chapter 73428,739Yesterday
Chapter 7284,714Yesterday
Chapter 71375,032Yesterday
Chapter 70702,899Yesterday
Chapter 69121,202Yesterday
Chapter 68117,983Yesterday
Chapter 67952,293Yesterday
Chapter 66350,180Yesterday
Chapter 65496,119Yesterday
Chapter 64234,065Yesterday
Chapter 63118,908Yesterday
Chapter 62462,696Yesterday
Chapter 61165,173Yesterday
Chapter 60334,949Yesterday
Chapter 59269,347Yesterday
Chapter 58868,406Yesterday
Chapter 57909,439Yesterday
Chapter 56956,613Yesterday
Chapter 55276,299Yesterday
Chapter 54173,199Yesterday
Chapter 53148,012Yesterday
Chapter 52642,641Yesterday
Chapter 51119,846Yesterday
Chapter 50868,904Yesterday
Chapter 49630,523Yesterday
Chapter 48883,607Yesterday
Chapter 47428,057Yesterday
Chapter 46638,293Yesterday
Chapter 45181,892Yesterday
Chapter 44883,501Yesterday
Chapter 43127,684Yesterday
Chapter 42553,529Yesterday
Chapter 41793,693Yesterday
Chapter 40560,313Yesterday
Chapter 39700,266Yesterday
Chapter 38950,032Yesterday
Chapter 37585,655Yesterday
Chapter 36441,322Yesterday
Chapter 35660,370Yesterday
Chapter 34193,703Yesterday
Chapter 33987,522Yesterday
Chapter 32194,163Yesterday
Chapter 31950,703Yesterday
Chapter 30574,326Yesterday
Chapter 29921,958Yesterday
Chapter 28344,966Yesterday
Chapter 27734,089Yesterday
Chapter 26556,733Yesterday
Chapter 2548,069Yesterday
Chapter 24422,975Yesterday
Chapter 23994,913Yesterday
Chapter 22530,676Yesterday
Chapter 21722,259Yesterday
Chapter 20664,471Yesterday
Chapter 19369,612Yesterday
Chapter 18891,701Yesterday
Chapter 17286,031Yesterday
Chapter 16714,450Yesterday
Chapter 15251,354Yesterday
Chapter 14280,495Yesterday
Chapter 1321,806Yesterday
Chapter 12575,782Yesterday
Chapter 11655,928Yesterday
Chapter 1025,130Yesterday
Chapter 9259,092Yesterday
Chapter 887,482Yesterday
Chapter 7995,319Yesterday
Chapter 633,201Yesterday
Chapter 5440,661Yesterday
Chapter 4110,352Yesterday
Chapter 3411,691Yesterday
Chapter 2809,645Yesterday
Chapter 1270,264Yesterday
Chapter 0594,582Yesterday

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