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From Monday To Weekend CHAPTER LIST
  • From Monday To Weekend

    Alternative : Zhou Yi Zhi Zhou Mo; When Monday Met Sunday ; From Monday to Weekend

  • Author(s) : Macbeth
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Jan-16-2023 23:01:11 PM
  • TransGroup :
  • TransGroup :
  • Genres : Comedy, Drama, Romance
  • TransGroup :

From Monday To Weekend summary:

From Monday to Weekend manhua, Let the workplace comedy begin! From Monday to weekend, the jokes never stop! The poorest rich kid husky x temperamental capable city woman When a husky becomes a subordinate, trouble is inevitable! "Promotion! Salary increase! Train(?) A Husky!"
Chapter name View Time uploaded
Chapter 10899,886January 2023
Chapter 977,468January 2023
Chapter 8930,692January 2023
Chapter 7848,262January 2023
Chapter 6535,315January 2023
Chapter 527,521January 2023
Chapter 4144,054January 2023
Chapter 3155,564January 2023
Chapter 2873,252January 2023
Chapter 1612,243January 2023
Chapter 0545,399January 2023

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