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Good Luck, Hero! CHAPTER LIST

Good Luck, Hero! summary:

The Devil King whom I defeated in my past life is now my boss in the office?!Baek Young-woong (meaning hero in korean), an ordinary office worker reborn with the memories of his past life as a warrior who defeated the devil king! The memories were only useful when he used to write webnovels as a child.Young-woong regrets having useless memories of his past life and gets a job in the executive secretarial office of Daeryong ENT, a big company.However, after meeting the CEO, Do Yeon-hwa, for the first time, I feel the trauma from my past life experience…? It's like, you're facing a really strong and big devil…!Read the terribly intertwined romance of the devil king, the CEO and the warrior, the newest secretary!
Chapter name View Time uploaded
Chapter 65556,473Yesterday
Chapter 59156,585Yesterday
Chapter 51: Episode 51350,866Yesterday
Chapter 50: Episode 50680,479Yesterday
Chapter 49: Episode 49166,594Yesterday
Chapter 48: Episode 48190,017Yesterday
Chapter 47: Episode 47244,644Yesterday
Chapter 46: Episode 4652,776Yesterday
Chapter 45: Episode 45986,023Yesterday
Chapter 44: Episode 44219,898Yesterday
Chapter 43: Episode 43745,023Yesterday
Chapter 42: Episode 42810,650Yesterday
Chapter 41: Episode 4127,334Yesterday
Chapter 40: Episode 4072,276Yesterday
Chapter 39: Episode 39280,040Yesterday
Chapter 38: Episode 38325,174Yesterday
Chapter 37: Episode 37156,673Yesterday
Chapter 36: Episode 36953,258Yesterday
Chapter 35: Episode 35307,631Yesterday
Chapter 34: Episode 34312,605Yesterday
Chapter 33: Episode 33248,941Yesterday
Chapter 32: Episode 32660,840Yesterday
Chapter 31: Episode 3182,301Yesterday
Chapter 30: Episode 30157,907Yesterday
Chapter 29: Episode 29208,561Yesterday
Chapter 28: Episode 28744,428Yesterday
Chapter 27: Episode 27940,121Yesterday
Chapter 26: Episode 26472,051Yesterday
Chapter 25: Episode 2566,109Yesterday
Chapter 24: Episode 24488,719Yesterday
Chapter 23: Episode 23180,307Yesterday
Chapter 22: Episode 22992,453Yesterday
Chapter 21: Episode 21503,741Yesterday
Chapter 20: Episode 20634,166Yesterday
Chapter 19: Episode 19935,814Yesterday
Chapter 18: Episode 18288,890Yesterday
Chapter 17: Episode 17403,710Yesterday
Chapter 16: Episode 16230,505Yesterday
Chapter 15: Episode 15952,365Yesterday
Chapter 14: Episode 14580,020Yesterday
Chapter 13: Episode 13394,138Yesterday
Chapter 12: Episode 12796,928Yesterday
Chapter 11: Episode 11523,869Yesterday
Chapter 10: Episode 10300,947Yesterday
Chapter 9384,249Yesterday
Chapter 8: Episode 8675,164Yesterday
Chapter 7: Episode 7236,873Yesterday
Chapter 6: Episode 6767,674Yesterday
Chapter 5: Episode 531,848Yesterday
Chapter 4: Episode 4358,026Yesterday
Chapter 3: Episode 3325,119Yesterday
Chapter 2: Episode 223,918Yesterday
Chapter 1: Episode 1632,474Yesterday

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