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He Awakened When I Died CHAPTER LIST
  • He Awakened When I Died

    Alternative : You Think I’m Dead? ; You Awakened while I Was Dead. ; Dia Bangkit Ketika Aku Mati. ; 제가 죽었다고 각성하시다니요.

  • Author(s) : Jayo, Jium
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Aug-01-2023 19:08:44 PM
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  • Genres : Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Historical, Romance
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He Awakened When I Died summary:

I possessed an extra who died as soon as the original work started.I was the hero's incompetent guide.Only until I die, will the male lead meet his new guide, the heroine.To safely stray from the original work,I pretended to be dead after consuming a toxic flower that throws you into a coma, but-"My guide isn't breathing anymore."?"Who the he** can stop me?"The male lead awakened and went berserk?You awakened after thinking I died?You can't possibly awaken like this.!***"You're leaving me?"Bliss scoffed at Shana's resignation letter."Is this a new joke?""No. You don't need a guide anymore so I.""Shana."Bliss called her in a soft but determined voice."You can make fun of me, you can deceive me like a fool, or you can play with me as much as you want.So don't even joke about trying to leave me."Bliss whispered to Shana with a beautiful smile that looked like a painting."I just can't let that slide."You Awakened while I Was Dead. / Dia Bangkit Ketika Aku Mati. / .
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Chapter 32993,575August 2023
Chapter 31328,684August 2023
Chapter 30521,202August 2023
Chapter 29203,544August 2023
Chapter 28297,393August 2023
Chapter 27892,737August 2023
Chapter 26160,028August 2023
Chapter 25558,334August 2023
Chapter 24945,459August 2023
Chapter 23461,895August 2023
Chapter 2245,872August 2023
Chapter 21742,173August 2023
Chapter 20164,318August 2023
Chapter 19221,521August 2023
Chapter 18234,876August 2023
Chapter 17325,904August 2023
Chapter 16521,018August 2023
Chapter 15269,517August 2023
Chapter 14460,994August 2023
Chapter 13748,360August 2023
Chapter 1254,575August 2023
Chapter 11264,587August 2023
Chapter 1071,373August 2023
Chapter 910,672August 2023
Chapter 8716,395August 2023
Chapter 7278,465August 2023
Chapter 6259,138August 2023
Chapter 5177,749August 2023
Chapter 4803,525August 2023
Chapter 3433,727August 2023
Chapter 286,906August 2023
Chapter 1725,177August 2023

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