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Houkago Saitensei! CHAPTER LIST
  • Houkago Saitensei!

    Alternative : After School Re-Reincarnation! ; ほうかご再テンセイ! ; 放学后再转生!

  • Author(s) : Sometime
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : May-25-2023 23:05:27 PM
  • TransGroup :
  • TransGroup :
  • Genres : Fantasy, Isekai, School life, Seinen, Slice of life
  • TransGroup :

Houkago Saitensei! summary:

Ten years ago, a magic circle suddenly appeared above Earth, connecting it to the parallel world Alterna. This led to the invention of the Alternaphone, which allows people to freely reincarnate between worlds, allowing earthlings to become adventurers and otherworlders to become normal citizens. The series follows two amnesiac girls, earthling Kurami Utaho and otherworlder Melua Solaris, as they go back and forth between ordinary life on Earth and adventuring on Alterna. Published in Manga Time Kirara Forward
Chapter name View Time uploaded
Chapter 15.5: Pixiv Extras325,6822 weeks ago
Chapter 14.1: Pixiv Extras106,2592 weeks ago
Chapter 13.1: Pixiv Extras409,9792 weeks ago
Chapter 12: Heart (Door)629,8972 weeks ago
Chapter 11.1: Pixiv Extras761,4462 weeks ago
Chapter 11: (Dx) Keeper14,0282 weeks ago
Chapter 10.1: Pixiv Extras675,7312 weeks ago
Chapter 10: (Violent) Force203,4442 weeks ago
Chapter 8.1: Pixiv Extras589,1322 weeks ago
Chapter 7.1: Pixiv Extras558,3382 weeks ago
Chapter 6.1: Pixiv Extras701,3132 weeks ago
Chapter 5.1: Pixiv Extras809,5912 weeks ago
Chapter 4.1: Pixiv Extras881,1272 weeks ago
Chapter 4: (Bad) Morals135,7682 weeks ago
Chapter 2.1: Pixiv Extras160,9472 weeks ago
Chapter 1.1: Pixiv Extras438,4002 weeks ago

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