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I Became The Older Sister Of A Regretful Male Lead CHAPTER LIST
  • I Became The Older Sister Of A Regretful Male Lead

    Alternative : 후회 남주의 시한부 누나가 되었다

  • Author(s) : Geolgeom
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Nov-03-2022 05:11:55 AM
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  • Genres : Drama, Fantasy, Manhwa, Shoujo
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I Became The Older Sister Of A Regretful Male Lead summary:

I Became The Older Sister of A Regretful Male Lead manhwa, Edna possessed the older sister of the Male Lead, the man of regret, in the novel. Even the younger brother is a trash male lead who regrets accumulating all kinds of karma for the female lead, and Edna herself learns that she is doomed to die 3 years after suffering from a dark disease!But Edna, who read the original, knew the cure for dark disease. That is, to be in constant physical contact with a person with an overflowing divine power! The only problem is that he is the 3rd Prince and the older brother of the original female lead, Karen.Edna's struggle to make a contract engagement begins with a natural meeting Contrary to expectations, she will be misunderstood as a member of the group that adores Karen, abbreviated as Kalsamo!20 chapters will be released on manhwaclan.comCome to manhwaclan and bookmark this manhwa to wait for us. We will t
Chapter name View Time uploaded
Chapter 19700,028November 2022
Chapter 18767,259November 2022
Chapter 17828,193November 2022
Chapter 16501,868November 2022
Chapter 15242,203November 2022
Chapter 14523,565November 2022
Chapter 13867,892November 2022
Chapter 12833,377November 2022
Chapter 11673,939November 2022
Chapter 10779,652November 2022
Chapter 9742,816November 2022
Chapter 8897,028November 2022
Chapter 7832,233November 2022
Chapter 6997,996November 2022
Chapter 5180,261November 2022
Chapter 4469,972November 2022
Chapter 3729,800November 2022
Chapter 2404,946November 2022
Chapter 1844,116November 2022

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