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I’M A Killer But I’M Thinking Of Living As A Princess CHAPTER LIST
  • I’M A Killer But I’M Thinking Of Living As A Princess

    Alternative : 킬러지만 공주로 살아 볼까 해; I'm a Killer, But I Want to Live As a Princess

  • Author(s) : 김예린, 장유라
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Oct-01-2023 08:10:01 AM
  • TransGroup :
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  • Genres : Fantasy, Romance
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I’M A Killer But I’M Thinking Of Living As A Princess summary:

Liana, a professional killer, wakes up as a princess in a strange world. Noticing the transmigration, her fiancé says he will let her return to her original world through one contract—but the contents are endlessly strange. Moreover, her friend, Count Arzen, makes her want to stay because of his friendly eyes. However, the hesitation was short-lived and was followed by assassination attempts of those who summoned her. Liana, who is fighting with the help of two men who are unclear whether they are friends or foes, finally found out the secret of the summoning…
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Chapter 75764,891Yesterday
Chapter 74.5389,277Yesterday
Chapter 74590,296Yesterday
Chapter 7397,365Yesterday
Chapter 728,931Yesterday
Chapter 71805,436Yesterday
Chapter 70360,788Yesterday
Chapter 69718,471Yesterday
Chapter 6825,483Yesterday
Chapter 67185,555Yesterday
Chapter 66494,154Yesterday
Chapter 65313,208Yesterday
Chapter 64438,554Yesterday
Chapter 63649,210Yesterday
Chapter 62990,641Yesterday
Chapter 61530,462Yesterday
Chapter 60337,739Yesterday
Chapter 58475,009Yesterday
Chapter 57449,365Yesterday
Chapter 56783,480Yesterday
Chapter 5568,765Yesterday
Chapter 54786,304Yesterday
Chapter 53105,954Yesterday
Chapter 52571,624Yesterday
Chapter 51183,404Yesterday
Chapter 50493,967Yesterday
Chapter 49163,892Yesterday
Chapter 48471,617Yesterday
Chapter 47310,138Yesterday
Chapter 46389,603Yesterday
Chapter 45344,271Yesterday
Chapter 44184,291Yesterday
Chapter 43426,550Yesterday
Chapter 42211,188Yesterday
Chapter 41600,683Yesterday
Chapter 40.2794,075Yesterday
Chapter 40.1146,053Yesterday
Chapter 40740,541Yesterday
Chapter 39639,255Yesterday
Chapter 38313,042Yesterday
Chapter 37935,842Yesterday
Chapter 3673,175Yesterday
Chapter 35213,124Yesterday
Chapter 34826,927Yesterday
Chapter 33813,159Yesterday
Chapter 32880,578Yesterday
Chapter 31495,700Yesterday
Chapter 30673,839Yesterday
Chapter 29809,568Yesterday
Chapter 28354,319Yesterday
Chapter 27473,232Yesterday
Chapter 26476,449Yesterday
Chapter 25786,059Yesterday
Chapter 24981,242Yesterday
Chapter 23277,361Yesterday
Chapter 22419,923Yesterday
Chapter 21902,204Yesterday
Chapter 20285,623Yesterday
Chapter 19581,423Yesterday
Chapter 18784,330Yesterday
Chapter 17311,305Yesterday
Chapter 16713,514Yesterday
Chapter 1545,658Yesterday
Chapter 14341,940Yesterday
Chapter 13410,393Yesterday
Chapter 12913,245Yesterday
Chapter 11235,708Yesterday
Chapter 10296,332Yesterday
Chapter 9766,702Yesterday
Chapter 8981,103Yesterday
Chapter 7737,491Yesterday
Chapter 6528,301Yesterday
Chapter 5812,479Yesterday
Chapter 4413,795Yesterday
Chapter 3665,411Yesterday
Chapter 2793,787Yesterday
Chapter 1717,454Yesterday

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