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Kimi Ni Furu Kotonoha Wa CHAPTER LIST
  • Kimi Ni Furu Kotonoha Wa

    Alternative : 君に降る言の葉は

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  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Mar-16-2024 17:03:52 PM
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Kimi Ni Furu Kotonoha Wa summary:

One day, Komatsu Hinata, a book-loving high school student, meets a blond all-back-haired delinquent on the train on his way to school.Hinata is so happy that someone is interested in his favorite novels and gets unintentionally excited, but the delinquent gives him a surprising response, and Hinata spits out terrible words at him.Thinking that they would never meet again, he finds out that the delinquent is Igarashi Yukito, a student in the same class who has never been to school since the school started–?A hurtful youth and love story about two people who have never known love.
Chapter name View Time uploaded
Chapter 3726,222March 2024
Chapter 250,095March 2024
Chapter 1807,256March 2024

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