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Koroshiya Yametai CHAPTER LIST
  • Koroshiya Yametai

    Alternative : 殺し屋やめたい! ; Koroshi-ya Yametai! ; I Wanna Quit Being a Hitman!

  • Author(s) : Tonoki Sun
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Aug-18-2023 21:08:33 PM
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  • Genres : Action, Drama, Romance, Seinen
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Koroshiya Yametai summary:

Rose is a hitman allowed residency in exchange for her services, but she is careful to keep it secret from the light of her life, her girlfriend. Benika wishes for a relationship where they can see each other more often, but she must also keep it secret from her wholly devout parent. Father Shirogane is concerned his daughter cannot tell him who she is dating, but he also struggles with the hitman who keeps returning to confess her crimes. Amid all the secrecy, a new conspiracy surrounds the three of them, granting Rose an unexpected chance to leave the hitman life for good. But at what cost?
Chapter name View Time uploaded
Vol.4 Chapter 43.5104,915August 2023
Vol.4 Chapter 43398,889August 2023
Vol.4 Chapter 42188,027August 2023
Vol.4 Chapter 41890,381August 2023
Vol.4 Chapter 40638,386August 2023
Vol.4 Chapter 39202,387August 2023
Vol.4 Chapter 38630,544August 2023
Vol.4 Chapter 37484,008August 2023
Vol.4 Chapter 36916,585August 2023
Vol.4 Chapter 35693,356August 2023
Vol.4 Chapter 34909,659August 2023
Vol.4 Chapter 33533,240August 2023
Vol.4 Chapter 32390,890August 2023
Vol.4 Chapter 31556,188August 2023
Vol.3 Chapter 30.5691,820August 2023
Vol.3 Chapter 30558,284August 2023
Vol.3 Chapter 29227,212August 2023
Vol.3 Chapter 28358,160August 2023
Vol.3 Chapter 27985,511August 2023
Vol.3 Chapter 26130,002August 2023
Vol.3 Chapter 25470,899August 2023
Vol.3 Chapter 24964,588August 2023
Vol.3 Chapter 2317,912August 2023
Vol.3 Chapter 22954,075August 2023
Vol.3 Chapter 21334,240August 2023
Vol.3 Chapter 20787,459August 2023
Chapter 19.5948,249August 2023
Vol.2 Chapter 19.4881,945August 2023
Vol.2 Chapter 19584,789August 2023
Vol.2 Chapter 18831,975August 2023
Vol.2 Chapter 17842,125August 2023
Vol.2 Chapter 16526,337August 2023
Vol.2 Chapter 15724,786August 2023
Vol.2 Chapter 14434,297August 2023
Vol.2 Chapter 13102,621August 2023
Vol.2 Chapter 12299,901August 2023
Vol.2 Chapter 11540,724August 2023
Vol.2 Chapter 10322,234August 2023
Vol.2 Chapter 9627,171August 2023
Vol.2 Chapter 8187,022August 2023
Vol.1 Chapter 7.5191,497August 2023
Vol.1 Chapter 7934,143August 2023
Vol.1 Chapter 610,625August 2023
Vol.1 Chapter 517,250August 2023
Vol.1 Chapter 410,539August 2023
Vol.1 Chapter 332,796August 2023
Vol.1 Chapter 2451,765August 2023
Vol.1 Chapter 163,919August 2023

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