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Kunoichi Momoka Tabegoro Desu? CHAPTER LIST
  • Kunoichi Momoka Tabegoro Desu?

    Alternative : くノ一桃果食べごろです? ; Kunoichi Momoka is Ready to Eat?

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  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Jun-18-2024 11:06:13 AM
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Kunoichi Momoka Tabegoro Desu? summary:

"Shinoburu Ninja School" is a place where young people who aspire to become ninja gather. Momoka entered the school, yearning to become a cool ninja who helps people with sword and ninjutsu. However, in addition to those classes, the school also teaches erotic skills to help them become true kunoichi. That may just be too stimulating for Momoka, who is inexperienced in sexual matters...!Will she and her fellow ninja trainees make it through the obscene class and become the cool kunoichi she aimed to be? Or will she become that other kind of female ninja?!!!!?
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Chapter 7318,913last month
Chapter 6142,977last month
Chapter 5767,265last month
Chapter 4323,195last month
Chapter 3343,177last month
Chapter 2: Ch 2523,444last month
Chapter 1585,805last month

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