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Little Nerd Dragon! Bahamuko-Sensei CHAPTER LIST
  • Little Nerd Dragon! Bahamuko-Sensei

    Alternative : オタロリドラゴン! バハムー子先生 ; otaroridoragon! bahamuukosensei

  • Author(s) : Watanabe Takashi
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : May-28-2023 17:05:54 PM
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  • Genres : Comedy, Slice of life
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Little Nerd Dragon! Bahamuko-Sensei summary:

Dragons. They blot out the sun, strike fear in the hearts of men, spew fire onto doomed villages... the strongest beings in history. And now, their descendants are... somehow mangaka!? The little nerd Bahamuko-sensei is a brand new mangaka who got her first monthly serialization. She wants to make a world-famous manga and inspire other dragons (who are also complete nerds) to invade our world. Through thick and thin with her assistant Takigawa (soul patch), every day brings more scheming!
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Chapter 9868,2215 days ago
Chapter 8581,2895 days ago
Chapter 7809,7225 days ago
Chapter 6973,7545 days ago
Chapter 5726,0575 days ago
Chapter 4322,7455 days ago
Chapter 3561,4105 days ago
Chapter 2896,2745 days ago
Chapter 1326,3695 days ago

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