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Nemuro-Kun Wa Kao Ga Ii! CHAPTER LIST
  • Nemuro-Kun Wa Kao Ga Ii!

    Alternative : 根室くんは顔がいい! ; Nemuro-Kun Has a Beautiful Face!

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  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Nov-24-2023 16:11:53 PM
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Nemuro-Kun Wa Kao Ga Ii! summary:

Nemuro-kun sits next to me. He always hides his face with his bangs, and most people at school do not know his real face. One day, Takamura happened to know his face, and she couldn't take his eyes off Nemuro-kun! I love Nemuro-kun's face. But that is all I know. This is a school love comedy that begins with a face, where they gradually get to know each other!
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Chapter 10349,1253 weeks ago
Chapter 9618,0083 weeks ago
Chapter 8136,7583 weeks ago
Chapter 7645,9983 weeks ago
Chapter 617,1593 weeks ago
Chapter 5852,7823 weeks ago
Chapter 4432,5653 weeks ago
Chapter 3584,1103 weeks ago
Chapter 2116,6853 weeks ago
Chapter 1398,9563 weeks ago

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