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Netkama Punch!!! CHAPTER LIST

Netkama Punch!!! summary:

"Warning: Yaoi content: This manga contains materials that might not be suitable to children under 17. By proceeding, you are confirming that you are 17 or older."Netkama a male who portrays himself as female online. This is what Kim Seyeong decides to become after reencountering Shin Heejae, the guy who destroyed Seyeong's gaming career in "Arcadia" a year prior. His plan is to pretend to be a girl in the game, get Heejae to fall for him, and then make the big reveal to everyone so that his archnemesis will also be humiliated out of "Arcadia" forever. But being a dude trying to become the girlfriend of your worst enemy is no easy feat, especially more so when said worst enemy starts to show a bit too much interest in you. Will Seyeong come out the victor of this scheme? Or will he find himself losing to Heejae all over again?Nekama Punch!!! / !!!
Chapter name View Time uploaded
Chapter 76164,791Yesterday
Chapter 75384,917Yesterday
Chapter 74392,926Yesterday
Chapter 73391,196Yesterday
Chapter 72822,777Yesterday
Chapter 71166,530Yesterday
Chapter 70612,433Yesterday
Chapter 69629,267Yesterday
Chapter 68742,428Yesterday
Chapter 67547,325Yesterday
Chapter 66566,126Yesterday
Chapter 65445,112Yesterday
Chapter 64808,419Yesterday
Chapter 63389,384Yesterday
Chapter 62720,286Yesterday
Chapter 61738,036Yesterday
Chapter 60956,962Yesterday
Chapter 59216,540Yesterday
Chapter 58834,577Yesterday
Chapter 57568,960Yesterday
Chapter 56372,936Yesterday
Chapter 55516,899Yesterday
Chapter 54340,259Yesterday
Chapter 5350,235Yesterday
Chapter 5242,413Yesterday
Chapter 5196,648Yesterday
Chapter 50375,796Yesterday
Chapter 49363,301Yesterday
Chapter 48611,047Yesterday
Chapter 47477,079Yesterday
Chapter 4652,357Yesterday
Chapter 45285,544Yesterday
Chapter 44463,252Yesterday
Chapter 4399,701Yesterday
Chapter 42111,414Yesterday
Chapter 41801,574Yesterday
Chapter 4021,503Yesterday
Chapter 39892,489Yesterday
Chapter 38902,600Yesterday
Chapter 3784,637Yesterday
Chapter 36235,953Yesterday
Chapter 35829,679Yesterday
Chapter 34817,586Yesterday
Chapter 33740,057Yesterday
Chapter 3210,592Yesterday
Chapter 31218,982Yesterday
Chapter 30309,099Yesterday
Chapter 29958,563Yesterday
Chapter 28212,082Yesterday
Chapter 27645,000Yesterday
Chapter 26317,483Yesterday
Chapter 25539,711Yesterday
Chapter 24794,252Yesterday
Chapter 23864,403Yesterday
Chapter 22381,988Yesterday
Chapter 21790,081Yesterday
Chapter 20942,536Yesterday
Chapter 1921,879Yesterday
Chapter 18542,929Yesterday
Chapter 17160,321Yesterday
Chapter 16175,870Yesterday
Chapter 15310,261Yesterday
Chapter 14878,504Yesterday
Chapter 13365,074Yesterday
Chapter 12211,703Yesterday
Chapter 11502,024Yesterday
Chapter 10169,543Yesterday
Chapter 9964,536Yesterday
Chapter 8929,221Yesterday
Chapter 7696,786Yesterday
Chapter 6582,663Yesterday
Chapter 5552,535Yesterday
Chapter 4337,362Yesterday
Chapter 3297,187Yesterday
Chapter 2845,340Yesterday
Chapter 186,688Yesterday

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