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Nevermind Darling CHAPTER LIST
  • Nevermind Darling

    Alternative : 네버마인드달링

  • Author(s) : Fever
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Apr-21-2024 13:04:17 PM
  • TransGroup :
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  • Genres : Romance, School life
  • TransGroup :

Nevermind Darling summary:

The day 'Daeun' went with his classmates to drink like crazy, he then went home to sleep. In his dreams, he recalls a memory of when him and ‘Seohjin’ met lips. Why did the 'mistake' he made in high school suddenly reveal itself in a dream? Daeun, who thought his feelings had finally come to rest, Encounters Seohjin, whom he's uncomfortable with. Unlike his usual self, Daeun seeks out Seohjin to ask if he made some kind of mistake while drinking, but the answer he's met with is that they just kissed...?
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Chapter 11259,441last month
Chapter 10340,893last month
Chapter 9800,806last month
Chapter 813,970last month
Chapter 7266,306last month
Chapter 6690,142last month
Chapter 5805,606last month
Chapter 4809,150last month
Chapter 3421,921last month
Chapter 268,762last month
Chapter 1172,195last month

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