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Oretachi Bijinesu Tsugai Yattemasu! CHAPTER LIST
  • Oretachi Bijinesu Tsugai Yattemasu!

    Alternative : Oretachi Business Tsugai Yattemasu! ; 俺たちビジネス番やってます!; 우리들 비즈니스 짝 하고 있습니다!

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  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Oct-01-2023 04:10:06 AM
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Oretachi Bijinesu Tsugai Yattemasu! summary:

Akira (Omega) and Keigo (Alpha) are a Pair, and run a very popular couple’s vlog channel. However, the two are only pretending to be a Pair for work and their relationship is just an act. Then one day, Akira’s heat arrives unexpectedly… will this fake relationship change into something more…!?
Chapter name View Time uploaded
Vol.2 Chapter 6498,511October 2023
Vol.2 Chapter 5322,680October 2023
Chapter 4893,458October 2023
Chapter 3398,677October 2023
Chapter 2623,005October 2023
Chapter 1537,125October 2023

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