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Our Resident Exorcist CHAPTER LIST
  • Our Resident Exorcist

    Alternative : Multifunctional Exorcist, Residential and Commercial Exorcist, Residential Complex Exorcist, 住商複合退魔師, 주상복합 퇴마사

  • Author(s) : Bastards
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Jun-02-2023 05:06:02 AM
  • TransGroup :
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  • Genres : Action, Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Shounen, Supernatural
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Our Resident Exorcist summary:

“Trinity Tower” is a high-rise multi-purpose condominium. Emitting strong evil energy, this place has been the shrine for the devils, providing them with evil power and pleasure. At the same time, there couldn’t be a better trap for an exorcist to capture these devils. Sowol, the legendary exorcist, is dispatched to this condo. Or, we could say he is “locked up” in Trinity Tower as a punishment for an accident he is responsible for. For the next three years, Sowol can’t leave the building. To make matters worse, his salary has been seized! The devils rush in, but he has no money to purchase the exorcist gears! The only way to survive, is to run the laundromat he’s given called “Yeon”. He lives as a laundromat owner by day, and an exorcist by night!Hanjin, a girl who is left to live by herself, and Gahee the goblin teams up with Sowol at the devil-fighting laundromat located inside the multi-purpose condo
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Chapter 36104,453Yesterday
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Chapter 34320,565Yesterday
Chapter 33376,180Yesterday
Chapter 32605,021Yesterday
Chapter 31932,870Yesterday
Chapter 30817,227Yesterday
Chapter 29232,621Yesterday
Chapter 28630,351Yesterday
Chapter 27579,175Yesterday
Chapter 2668,318Yesterday
Chapter 25309,298Yesterday
Chapter 24977,477Yesterday
Chapter 23626,259Yesterday
Chapter 22875,643Yesterday
Chapter 21986,304Yesterday
Chapter 2026,512Yesterday
Chapter 1916,252Yesterday
Chapter 18104,697Yesterday
Chapter 17639,058Yesterday
Chapter 16154,447Yesterday
Chapter 1596,865Yesterday
Chapter 14385,322Yesterday
Chapter 13213,811Yesterday
Chapter 12651,311Yesterday
Chapter 11211,268Yesterday
Chapter 10577,842Yesterday
Chapter 9207,192Yesterday
Chapter 8973,218Yesterday
Chapter 7345,951Yesterday
Chapter 6887,086Yesterday
Chapter 5608,010Yesterday
Chapter 4327,028Yesterday
Chapter 3565,175Yesterday
Chapter 2696,405Yesterday
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