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Rebirth Begins With Refusal Of Marriage CHAPTER LIST
  • Rebirth Begins With Refusal Of Marriage

    Alternative : Chongsheng Tuihun Qi ; Rebirth of a Divorced Wife ; 重生退婚妻 ; Retaliation of an Unwanted Bride

  • Author(s) : Ake Culture (阿柯文化)
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Jun-02-2023 03:06:05 AM
  • TransGroup :
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  • Genres : Drama, Romance, Shoujo
  • TransGroup :

Rebirth Begins With Refusal Of Marriage summary:

After being strangled to death, Lin Yaxi wakes up to find herself back to five years ago - just an hour before the car accident which would change her fate. Bearing a grudge against her evil sister and scumbag fiancé, she swears to never let history repeat itself. However, her fiancé's brother, Chen Yi – a two-faced man, seems to be paying extra attention to her...
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Chapter 6288,867Yesterday
Chapter 61164,724Yesterday
Chapter 6070,691Yesterday
Chapter 5928,775Yesterday
Chapter 58459,009Yesterday
Chapter 57429,351Yesterday
Chapter 56751,234Yesterday
Chapter 55366,750Yesterday
Chapter 54644,872Yesterday
Chapter 53247,329Yesterday
Chapter 52207,997Yesterday
Chapter 51814,665Yesterday
Chapter 50965,594Yesterday
Chapter 49891,977Yesterday
Chapter 48864,958Yesterday
Chapter 47609,375Yesterday
Chapter 46608,314Yesterday
Chapter 45669,210Yesterday
Chapter 44927,712Yesterday
Chapter 43317,299Yesterday
Chapter 42691,721Yesterday
Chapter 41427,400Yesterday
Chapter 40399,414Yesterday
Chapter 39918,079Yesterday
Chapter 38559,647Yesterday
Chapter 37577,319Yesterday
Chapter 365,763Yesterday
Chapter 35211,726Yesterday
Chapter 34326,892Yesterday
Chapter 33709,657Yesterday
Chapter 32115,923Yesterday
Chapter 31700,646Yesterday
Chapter 30437,686Yesterday
Chapter 29217,071Yesterday
Chapter 28340,159Yesterday
Chapter 2756,543Yesterday
Chapter 26402,953Yesterday
Chapter 2558,790Yesterday
Chapter 24806,729Yesterday
Chapter 23803,704Yesterday
Chapter 22445,379Yesterday
Chapter 21679,283Yesterday
Chapter 20326,096Yesterday
Chapter 19316,121Yesterday
Chapter 1872,550Yesterday
Chapter 17370,939Yesterday
Chapter 16417,642Yesterday
Chapter 15654,868Yesterday
Chapter 14823,630Yesterday
Chapter 13734,444Yesterday
Chapter 1226,073Yesterday
Chapter 11471,359Yesterday
Chapter 10327,313Yesterday
Chapter 9497,386Yesterday
Chapter 8130,666Yesterday
Chapter 7849,154Yesterday
Chapter 6735,916Yesterday
Chapter 5980,874Yesterday
Chapter 4439,115Yesterday
Chapter 3188,118Yesterday
Chapter 2816,046Yesterday
Chapter 1389,585Yesterday

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