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Rebirth Of The First Urban Immortal Emperor CHAPTER LIST

Rebirth Of The First Urban Immortal Emperor summary:

In his previous life, his fiancée had deceived him, his father had passed away, he was disabled, and he had committed suicide due to sorrow. In this life, he had just returned from the cultivation world, saying, "In my previous life, I was unable to protect my family and lost everything. Now, I will make the whole world crawl under my feet!"
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Chapter 13517,343Yesterday
Chapter 12924,082Yesterday
Chapter 11749,103Yesterday
Chapter 10229,841Yesterday
Chapter 9704,748Yesterday
Chapter 8129,519Yesterday
Chapter 7158,607Yesterday
Chapter 6398,599Yesterday
Chapter 5119,082Yesterday
Chapter 4404,370Yesterday
Chapter 3410,224Yesterday
Chapter 296,024Yesterday
Chapter 0: Preview184,787Yesterday

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