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Renge To Naruto! CHAPTER LIST
  • Renge To Naruto!

    Alternative : れんげとなると!

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  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Jul-22-2024 00:07:34 AM
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Renge To Naruto! summary:

It's been a few months since the neighborhood Chinese restaurant closed down, and when I stopped by for the first time in a while, I found that it had been transformed into a flashy, mysterious restaurant with its old signboard still intact. When I went inside, there was a gal there... This is a story about a Chinatown restaurant where gals are hospitable.
Chapter name View Time uploaded
Chapter 17: Glasses!707,2592 days ago
Chapter 16: Chanpon!!621,0262 days ago
Chapter 15467,9372 days ago
Chapter 13: Staff Meals!671,3692 days ago
Chapter 12: Yakisoba!435,7562 days ago
Chapter 11: Tan Tan Men!709,1282 days ago
Chapter 10: Chili Shrimp!222,0742 days ago
Chapter 9: Doctor Hayama!495,3742 days ago
Chapter 7: Delivery Box!550,8322 days ago
Chapter 6: Draft Beer!752,0992 days ago
Chapter 5: Such And Such!412,1502 days ago
Chapter 4: Special!884,4252 days ago
Chapter 3: Gyoza!236,9362 days ago
Chapter 1937,0432 days ago

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