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Rokuhime Wa Kami Goe Ni Koi Ni Suru CHAPTER LIST
  • Rokuhime Wa Kami Goe Ni Koi Ni Suru

    Alternative : Six Princess Fall in Love with God Guardian ; 六姫は神護衛に恋をする ~最強の守護騎士、転生して魔法学園に行く~

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  • Last updated : Apr-12-2024 13:04:20 PM
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Rokuhime Wa Kami Goe Ni Koi Ni Suru summary:

Synopsis (MTL):Vance, the guardian knight of the female emperor of the Celestial Empire, one of the Seven Empires, swore to be the Emperor guard in the next life as well, and ended his first life by performing the Reincarnation Ceremony with his sovereign, who died in order to end the war.A thousand years later, after the war has died down, Vance is reborn in a world where he and Lloyd have been reincarnated. Vance is reincarnated and named Lloyd, and he is adopted by the Count family of the Celestial Empire and raised by them.When he turns fifteen, Lloyd decides to enter a magical academy where students from all over the world gather to search for his master, who should have been reincarnated just like him.「Let's see how well you can work with the level of magic you can handle as an escort,」He thought that if he joined the Academy of Magic, there would be many better wizards than him, but as the Celestial Emperor's bodyguard, he was also well versed in the martial arts and all kinds of magic, and in some cases even more powerful than the Celestial Emperor.The bodyguard, who has surpassed humanity and stepped into the realm of the gods, begins his life at the school in order to find the person he wants to protect, and this time, protect her until the end.
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Chapter 59244,281Yesterday
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Chapter 57469,926Yesterday
Chapter 56340,496Yesterday
Chapter 55464,112Yesterday
Chapter 54150,437Yesterday
Chapter 532,200Yesterday
Chapter 52989,788Yesterday
Chapter 51.5917,713Yesterday
Chapter 51779,136Yesterday
Chapter 50447,551Yesterday
Chapter 49391,651Yesterday
Chapter 48249,111Yesterday
Chapter 4727,520Yesterday
Chapter 4683,523Yesterday
Chapter 45993,586Yesterday
Chapter 44912,015Yesterday
Chapter 43235,573Yesterday
Chapter 42267,040Yesterday
Chapter 41539,522Yesterday
Chapter 40897,937Yesterday
Chapter 39605,105Yesterday
Chapter 38168,058Yesterday
Chapter 37379,468Yesterday
Chapter 36942,564Yesterday
Chapter 35761,592Yesterday
Chapter 34279,868Yesterday
Chapter 33736,572Yesterday
Chapter 32669,547Yesterday
Chapter 31725,081Yesterday
Chapter 30148,998Yesterday
Chapter 29360,730Yesterday
Chapter 28876,979Yesterday
Chapter 27672,343Yesterday
Chapter 26649,211Yesterday
Chapter 25860,095Yesterday
Chapter 24558,968Yesterday
Chapter 23298,880Yesterday
Chapter 22825,391Yesterday
Chapter 21827,823Yesterday
Chapter 20110,365Yesterday
Chapter 19511,833Yesterday
Chapter 1884,585Yesterday
Chapter 17289,246Yesterday
Chapter 13473,094Yesterday
Chapter 12789,154Yesterday
Chapter 10556,584Yesterday
Chapter 8601,495Yesterday
Chapter 7629,959Yesterday
Chapter 6282,840Yesterday
Chapter 558,398Yesterday
Chapter 4887,763Yesterday
Chapter 3979,764Yesterday
Chapter 2364,184Yesterday
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