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Sokushi To Hametsu No Saijaku Majutsushi CHAPTER LIST
  • Sokushi To Hametsu No Saijaku Majutsushi

    Alternative : Instant Death and Destruction of the Weakest Magician ; 即死と破滅の最弱魔術師

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  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Nov-21-2023 00:11:56 AM
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Sokushi To Hametsu No Saijaku Majutsushi summary:

Arc and Lean are aspiring adventurers. Upon appraisal, Lean is revealed to be on the level of a hero, with the level cap of 30 and the skills and ! However, Arc has an instant death magic with a level cap of... 1?!With his instant death magic, he'll becomes embroiled in a national crisis that shakes the world!
Chapter name View Time uploaded
Chapter 5: Chapter 5784,5823 weeks ago
Chapter 4: Chapter 4696,3553 weeks ago
Chapter 3: Chapter 3768,5033 weeks ago
Chapter 2.2276,2843 weeks ago
Chapter 2.1154,8293 weeks ago
Chapter 1330,2493 weeks ago

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