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Tensei-Saki Ga Nuigurumi Demo Saikyou Deshita CHAPTER LIST
  • Tensei-Saki Ga Nuigurumi Demo Saikyou Deshita

    Alternative : The Strongest Great Sage in History, Reincarnated as the Strongest Stuffed Animal ; Shinjou Saikyou no Dai Kenja, Tensei-saki ga Nuigurumi demo Saikyou deshita ; 史上最強の大賢者、転生先がぬいぐるみでも最強でした

  • Author(s) : Jajamaru, Mori Misaki
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Nov-24-2023 20:11:25 PM
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  • Genres : Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Seinen
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Tensei-Saki Ga Nuigurumi Demo Saikyou Deshita summary:

Ralph, a legendary sage, has used up all of his power to seal the Demon King and has been reincarnated 300 years later. However, he finds himself reincarnated as a stuffed animal. He and Tiana, a beautiful girl who wants to be a wizard, decide to become the strongest again, but an unexpected evil hand is closing in on their peaceful territory. So a fantasy with infinite cuteness, full of courage and magic, begins!
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Chapter 8819,4963 weeks ago
Chapter 7180,4333 weeks ago
Chapter 6.5719,8363 weeks ago
Chapter 680,0023 weeks ago
Chapter 5342,2253 weeks ago
Chapter 4161,3823 weeks ago
Chapter 3663,0033 weeks ago
Chapter 2299,1783 weeks ago
Chapter 162,3803 weeks ago

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