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The Odd One Next Door CHAPTER LIST
  • The Odd One Next Door

    Alternative : Your Neighbor's Preference ; Your Neighbor's Taste ; 奇怪的邻居 ; 隣人の趣向 ; 네 이웃의 취향

  • Author(s) : Seo Jeongyoon
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Jun-01-2023 22:06:00 PM
  • TransGroup :
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  • Genres : Drama, Fantasy, Manhwa, Romance, Shoujo
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The Odd One Next Door summary:

The Odd One Next Door manhwa, Your Neighbor's Preference , Your Neighbor's Taste , Yoo Gaeun is done with dating. After her ex left her to marry a famous actress, she now spends her days running her late mother's studio and cleaning up after her twin's messes. But her quiet life changes drastically when crude and cranky Kang Siwan moves into a nearby house. Though Gaeun tries to be civil to her odd neighbor, sparks fly every time they meet, causing one argument after another. Will she ever manage to make peace with Siwan, or will the sparks set fire to something else in her?
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Chapter 51884,252Yesterday
Chapter 50189,857Yesterday
Chapter 49310,500Yesterday
Chapter 48275,795Yesterday
Chapter 47901,309Yesterday
Chapter 4631,735Yesterday
Chapter 455,132Yesterday
Chapter 44170,684Yesterday
Chapter 43952,671Yesterday
Chapter 42390,560Yesterday
Chapter 4167,550Yesterday
Chapter 4022,690Yesterday
Chapter 3821,720Yesterday
Chapter 37912,801Yesterday
Chapter 36243,839Yesterday
Chapter 357,467Yesterday
Chapter 34279,472Yesterday
Chapter 33945,565Yesterday
Chapter 32802,566Yesterday
Chapter 31502,477Yesterday
Chapter 3099,723Yesterday
Chapter 29619,557Yesterday
Chapter 28420,933Yesterday
Chapter 27508,841Yesterday
Chapter 2675,153Yesterday
Chapter 25595,917Yesterday
Chapter 24967,557Yesterday
Chapter 23685,907Yesterday
Chapter 22706,903Yesterday
Chapter 21188,826Yesterday
Chapter 20709,857Yesterday
Chapter 1991,603Yesterday
Chapter 1860,461Yesterday
Chapter 17805,063Yesterday
Chapter 1692,881Yesterday
Chapter 15967,757Yesterday
Chapter 14592,622Yesterday
Chapter 13237,925Yesterday
Chapter 12448,888Yesterday
Chapter 11617,021Yesterday
Chapter 10840,968Yesterday
Chapter 9718,835Yesterday
Chapter 8451,950Yesterday
Chapter 7852,206Yesterday
Chapter 690,580Yesterday
Chapter 5484,422Yesterday
Chapter 4263,627Yesterday
Chapter 3979,260Yesterday
Chapter 2742,917Yesterday
Chapter 1885,649Yesterday

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