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The Rogue Prince Is Secretly An Omega CHAPTER LIST
  • The Rogue Prince Is Secretly An Omega

    Alternative : 망나니 황자가 오메가인 걸 숨김 ; Mangnani Hwangjaga Omega-in Geol Sumgim ; Hiding That the Damn Prince Is an Omega

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  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Nov-27-2023 10:11:33 AM
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The Rogue Prince Is Secretly An Omega summary:

Prince Etienne de Frederick was born a dominant omega, but in a world where omegas can’t become the emperor, he must pretend to be a beta due to the empress’s greed. When his childhood friend, Grand Duke Rishar von Eckhart, returns after three years as a war hero, there’s no time to share a happy reunion as Rishar is a dominant alpha and his rival in the fight for the throne. The two continue to maintain a precarious relationship until, one day, Etienne has a sudden heat cycle, and Rishar finds out the truth. “Etienne de Frederick. You were... an omega?”
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