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The Villain Loves Me Very Much CHAPTER LIST
  • The Villain Loves Me Very Much

    Alternative : [Kuai Chuan] Hei Hua Fanpai Chong Shangtian ; [Kuài Chuān] Hēi Huà Fǎnpài Chǒng Shàngtiān ; Quick Transmigration: Blackened Villains Pampered Me to the Sky ; 【快穿】黑化反派宠上天

  • Author(s) : 免森森, 书耽网
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Jun-02-2023 02:06:55 AM
  • TransGroup :
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  • Genres : Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Shounen, Shounen ai, Webtoons
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The Villain Loves Me Very Much summary:

He is beautiful, he is miserable, and no one can resist his temptation in many planes. Domineering President: Never try to escape from my palm again! Gao Leng Xueba: You don't know this kind of topic. Do you want me to teach you after class? Black-bellied Prince: My dear, you are mine alone Bai Yu lay comfortably in that person's arms, smiling evilly, "Strategy? It's all under my control."+
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Chapter 98501,438Yesterday
Chapter 97336,406Yesterday
Chapter 96918,380Yesterday
Chapter 9594,136Yesterday
Chapter 93590,765Yesterday
Chapter 92426,794Yesterday
Chapter 91436,302Yesterday
Chapter 90793,825Yesterday
Chapter 8936,592Yesterday
Chapter 88113,257Yesterday
Chapter 87590,978Yesterday
Chapter 86264,179Yesterday
Chapter 85908,875Yesterday
Chapter 84728,728Yesterday
Chapter 83770,074Yesterday
Chapter 82921,501Yesterday
Chapter 8191,249Yesterday
Chapter 80266,995Yesterday
Chapter 79356,384Yesterday
Chapter 7825,103Yesterday
Chapter 77279,701Yesterday
Chapter 76366,514Yesterday
Chapter 75471,639Yesterday
Chapter 74308,190Yesterday
Chapter 73890,063Yesterday
Chapter 72799,629Yesterday
Chapter 71937,062Yesterday
Chapter 7073,012Yesterday
Chapter 69983,013Yesterday
Chapter 68199,090Yesterday
Chapter 6783,719Yesterday
Chapter 66642,163Yesterday
Chapter 6583,970Yesterday
Chapter 64989,417Yesterday
Chapter 63208,378Yesterday
Chapter 62202,790Yesterday
Chapter 61171,810Yesterday
Chapter 60773,958Yesterday
Chapter 5947,077Yesterday
Chapter 58692,829Yesterday
Chapter 57669,303Yesterday
Chapter 56317,861Yesterday
Chapter 55445,490Yesterday
Chapter 54636,062Yesterday
Chapter 53829,540Yesterday
Chapter 52245,665Yesterday
Chapter 51862,035Yesterday
Chapter 50422,259Yesterday
Chapter 4955,707Yesterday
Chapter 48906,741Yesterday
Chapter 47305,994Yesterday
Chapter 46609,775Yesterday
Chapter 45437,354Yesterday
Chapter 44585,703Yesterday
Chapter 43647,435Yesterday
Chapter 42354,968Yesterday
Chapter 4153,302Yesterday
Chapter 40822,667Yesterday
Chapter 39104,046Yesterday
Chapter 38581,476Yesterday
Chapter 37601,052Yesterday
Chapter 36982,982Yesterday
Chapter 35161,794Yesterday
Chapter 3497,701Yesterday
Chapter 33413,180Yesterday
Chapter 32650,324Yesterday
Chapter 3190,127Yesterday
Chapter 30741Yesterday
Chapter 29268,599Yesterday
Chapter 28107,101Yesterday
Chapter 27912,569Yesterday
Chapter 26368,497Yesterday
Chapter 25930,690Yesterday
Chapter 24375,212Yesterday
Chapter 23490,622Yesterday
Chapter 22461,924Yesterday
Chapter 21529,870Yesterday
Chapter 20303,115Yesterday
Chapter 19154,816Yesterday
Chapter 18182,111Yesterday
Chapter 17189,886Yesterday
Chapter 16339,839Yesterday
Chapter 15.5260,659Yesterday
Chapter 15951,949Yesterday
Chapter 14.5736,088Yesterday
Chapter 14466,795Yesterday
Chapter 13.5626,022Yesterday
Chapter 13754,096Yesterday
Chapter 12.5967,170Yesterday
Chapter 1295,357Yesterday
Chapter 11.5446,237Yesterday
Chapter 1148,103Yesterday
Chapter 10.575,891Yesterday
Chapter 10330,835Yesterday
Chapter 9.518,398Yesterday
Chapter 9581,718Yesterday
Chapter 8.5442,227Yesterday
Chapter 8383,478Yesterday
Chapter 7958,554Yesterday
Chapter 6344,031Yesterday
Chapter 5392,847Yesterday
Chapter 4806,417Yesterday
Chapter 3.5187,984Yesterday
Chapter 3717,327Yesterday
Chapter 2.5611,851Yesterday
Chapter 2536,503Yesterday
Chapter 1.5752,067Yesterday
Chapter 1647,894Yesterday

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