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  • Vinland Saga

    Alternative : Сага про Вінланд (Ukraina); ヴィンランド・サガ (Japanese); 海盜戰記 (Chinese); Truyền Thuyết Miền Đất Hứa (Vietnamese - Tiếng Việt - TV)

  • Author(s) : Yukimura Makoto
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : May-25-2023 23:05:39 PM
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  • Genres : Action, Adventure, Drama, Historical, Mature, Psychological, Seinen
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Vinland Saga summary:

Vinland Saga is established in England beginning in 1013 A D, the year in which the Danish King Sweyn Forkbeard captured most of it. As King Sweyn nears death, his sons, Prince Canute and Prince Harald, are arguing over his succession. The narrative draws components from historical reports of The Saga of Eric the Red, The Saga of the Greenlanders as well as the interval including The Flateyjarbok.The narrative starts with the debut of a tiny Viking group headed by way of a cunning commander named checking and Askeladd a talented young fighter named Thorfinn. The group opportunities on a besieged Frankish citadel and makes a deal with all the attacking ground forces to work in exchange for half the fort's plunder together. Askeladd subsequently hoodwinks them, while the military remains battering down the gates, escaping with his guys by boat along with all the wealth of the fort. Thorfinn bears a heavy grudge against Askeladd when Thorfinn was a young lad, as Thorfinn's dad was killed by Askeladd despite really being a valuable person in the business. The youth needs duels along with his commander within an attempt to get payback, but always loses.The firm of Askeladd locates job as mercenaries in the Danish invasion of London. There they face-off having a bigger force headed by Thorkell the Tall, a fellow Viking. Thorfinn and Thorkell fulfill in conflict, and the group of Askeladd flees from the things they see as an unwinnable combat. The two forces meet again afterwards, nevertheless, when both commanders seek to get the youthful Danish Prince Canute. Askeladd succeeds in getting the prince, but is compelled once again to flee from the bigger military of Thorkell. The organization takes recourse for the winter in the frozen north of England near the Danish encampment at Gainsborough.Canute, who's located to be girlish in look, is not capable of greatly influenced by his care-taker Ragnar and talking in in public areas. This greatly disappoints Askeladd, who shifts his first strategy of support the prince as potential king of ransoming him straight back to his dad, King Sweyn, into a less challenging strategy. A sudden assault by the brigade drive of Thorkell Askeladd to alter his thoughts, and he kills Ragnar in a last ditch attempt to push the Prince to not eventually become dependent.The program is successful, and Canute's preceding timidity is replaced using a kingly nature that is powerful. The prince returns to the Danish headquarters, and provides the leftovers of the forces of Askeladd as well as equally Thorkell under his command. He there faces his dad, who grant the right of succession to his brother Prince Harald and had concluded to kill Canute. Harald stays the king's heir and his life is spared, although his dad is effectively matched by Canute in a conflict of wills. Collectively, Canute, Thorkell, and Askeladd formulate a scheme to assassinate the king and capture the crown.His fellow travelers and Canute get audience with all the king. Askeladd several in attendance and goes on a rampage, killing the king, when King Sweyn refuses to avoid assaulting Wales. Askeladd is just stopped when he lets Canute to destroy him, thereby procuring the security of his home land, Wales as well as Canute's standing as king. This was the strategy, all-along of Askeladd. Up on viewing Askeladd expiring Thorfinn, attempts to destroy now-King Canute; Thorfinn's only drive in existence was to destroy Askeladd and he felt robbed by Canute of the right. Canute determines to spare his life as a result of comprehending the view of Thorfinn when Thorfinn is discontinued. As the typical legislation required the departure of Thorfinn, Canute reveals clemency on Thorfinn: he's given a life of captivity.
Maybe coming in the next issue
Vinland Saga Chapter 203
Vinland Saga Chapter 204
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Chapter 192.5: Omake776,2322 weeks ago
Chapter 191: The Day892,7762 weeks ago
Chapter 185808,6272 weeks ago
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Chapter 183852,5192 weeks ago
Chapter 182320,8692 weeks ago
Chapter 181392,3392 weeks ago
Chapter 170549,7262 weeks ago
Chapter 164: Sigurd Defiant313,2382 weeks ago
Vol.21 Chapter 152 : Vol 21783,3242 weeks ago
Chapter 151320,4512 weeks ago
Chapter 150550,5842 weeks ago
Chapter 149822,7082 weeks ago
Chapter 148417,3762 weeks ago
Chapter 147987,2602 weeks ago
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Chapter 145566,6892 weeks ago
Chapter 143333,6082 weeks ago
Vol.17 Chapter 142618,8292 weeks ago
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Vol.17 Chapter 129505,8182 weeks ago
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Chapter 122249,7652 weeks ago
Chapter 100 : Return789,2232 weeks ago
Chapter 99 : Setting Sail125,8852 weeks ago
Chapter 96 : No Enemies15,6812 weeks ago
Chapter 92 : 100 Seconds488,8822 weeks ago
Chapter 88 : Punishment686,8212 weeks ago
Chapter 85 : Confrontation689,7552 weeks ago
Chapter 83 : Atonement627,0812 weeks ago
Chapter 82 : Ropes448,8932 weeks ago
Chapter 81425,8342 weeks ago
Chapter 80 : Gardar S Raid766,2182 weeks ago
Chapter 78 : Treason262,8772 weeks ago
Chapter 77 : Insult73,1302 weeks ago
Chapter 74 : Escaped Slave466,5962 weeks ago
Chapter 71.5231,7742 weeks ago
Chapter 71 : Oath524,3302 weeks ago
Chapter 69 : Bullying151,6652 weeks ago
Chapter 68 : An Empty Man903,6222 weeks ago
Chapter 66 : Sprouting834,8862 weeks ago
Chapter 64 : Need A Horse 2213,4072 weeks ago
Chapter 63 : Need A Horse714,5602 weeks ago
Chapter 59 : Snake454,7282 weeks ago
Chapter 57 : Young Master968,5032 weeks ago
Chapter 56 : Ketil Farm444,1872 weeks ago
Chapter 55 : Slave569,2682 weeks ago
Chapter 51 : Miscalculation243,3812 weeks ago
Chapter 50341,6902 weeks ago
Chapter 49448,4222 weeks ago
Chapter 48 : Reunion357,2412 weeks ago
Chapter 46 : Two Wolves345,7422 weeks ago
Chapter 43235,9712 weeks ago
Vol.6 Chapter 42.5: Omake167,9732 weeks ago
Chapter 42 : Arbitration885,0112 weeks ago
Chapter 41 : Joint Battle186,2342 weeks ago
Chapter 35 : Contact906,8252 weeks ago
Chapter 34 : Avalon206,0002 weeks ago
Chapter 33 : Betrayal224,8172 weeks ago
Chapter 32 : Deserters383,9552 weeks ago
Chapter 29 : Father And Son202,8552 weeks ago
Chapter 26 : Artorius84,5352 weeks ago
Chapter 25 : The Bluff974,3132 weeks ago
Chapter 23 : Reinforcement368,3152 weeks ago
Chapter 22 : Son Of A Troll702,4362 weeks ago
Chapter 21.5 : Extra903,1062 weeks ago
Chapter 21.1 : Extra406,4802 weeks ago
Chapter 21 : Valhalla750,2342 weeks ago
Chapter 20 : Ragnarok750,7762 weeks ago
Chapter 18 : England, 1013973,1952 weeks ago
Chapter 15 : A True Warrior383,1102 weeks ago
Chapter 13 : Smell378,2412 weeks ago
Chapter 11 : Cage390,5812 weeks ago
Chapter 10 : Night Awake302,6022 weeks ago
Chapter 7 : Sword661,6902 weeks ago
Chapter 5 : Troll583,6752 weeks ago
Chapter 4 : Unbroken Chains907,5342 weeks ago
Chapter 1 : Normanni249,0342 weeks ago

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