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Wasn’T The Male Lead A Female? CHAPTER LIST
  • Wasn’T The Male Lead A Female?

    Alternative : Aren't You Supposedly a Woman Disguised as a Man?! ; I Told You I Was a Man Dressed as a Woman! ; I Told You I Was a Man Disguised as a Woman! ; Wasn't the Male Lead a Female? ; 남장여주라고 했잖아요!

  • Author(s) : Danpung Sae, Kang Dayun
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Dec-13-2023 03:12:12 AM
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  • Genres : Drama, Fantasy, Manhwa, Romance, Webtoons
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Wasn’T The Male Lead A Female? summary:

Q.: The person who appears in front of me is currently the female lead in the original but is in a state of disguised as a male! She replaced her twin brother who died in an accident. What about my role? what should I do now?A.: Don’t stay here and mess with your brain. The right time will come naturally.So, I entrusted my body to nature, just like that, day by day.But I don’t know when I became the fiancée of the female lead disguised as a male. As of now, I’m pretending to believe he’s the most sophisticated manhood ever, but what is he supposed to be a real man? But perfect from bottom to top. I also don’t want to know too much. Ah, so boring!***“At first I thought it was good that we became friends”Aine quickly swallowed the saliva down her neck.“There’s something…so wrong”I’ve read novels that have been changed halfway, but this is the first novel where the character’s gender is changed.Wait, maybe this isn’t even that novel?“Even though I knew at first that you didn’t see me as a real man”After discovering his shocking secret, Aine felt her heart explode, as if she wanted to stay still.“Anyway, my heart for you is real”It was the first time in his life that he had ambitions other than swordsmanship. Other than saying that he would wait, Tego did not hide his possessive eyes.
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Chapter 44931,692December 2023
Chapter 43170,407December 2023
Chapter 42583,406December 2023
Chapter 41810,946December 2023
Chapter 40378,305December 2023
Chapter 39495,117December 2023
Chapter 38326,358December 2023
Chapter 37236,872December 2023
Chapter 3674,140December 2023
Chapter 35738,297December 2023
Chapter 34332,579December 2023
Chapter 33367,828December 2023
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Chapter 31860,121December 2023
Chapter 30278,213December 2023
Chapter 29342,162December 2023
Chapter 28234,177December 2023
Chapter 27327,422December 2023
Chapter 26680,957December 2023
Chapter 25904,671December 2023
Chapter 24673,410December 2023
Chapter 23199,642December 2023
Chapter 22753,302December 2023
Chapter 21380,724December 2023
Chapter 20486,582December 2023
Chapter 19839,274December 2023
Chapter 18853,322December 2023
Chapter 17172,417December 2023
Chapter 16168,138December 2023
Chapter 15537,432December 2023
Chapter 14807,116December 2023
Chapter 13383,950December 2023
Chapter 1224,282December 2023
Chapter 11829,803December 2023
Chapter 10610,849December 2023
Chapter 9558,239December 2023
Chapter 8119,588December 2023
Chapter 713,652December 2023
Chapter 6676,193December 2023
Chapter 5119,522December 2023
Chapter 4741,173December 2023
Chapter 3842,522December 2023
Chapter 2559,511December 2023
Chapter 137,437December 2023

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